Photo of the Day: Rhodes (Greece)

My parents returned form a Mediterranean Cruise a couple of weeks ago and brought me this beautiful hand-crafted ceramic. It couldn’t be more fitting: dolphins are my favorite animals, and they purchased it in Rhodes, Greece. (Get it – Photographic Rhodes?) I think my husband and I (The Rhodes) will definitely have to visit Greece after hearing about their experience and seeing their photos. They’ve graciously shared a couple for me to share with you. Check out that view – now you know why it’s on my bucket list!

A hand-crafted ceramic from Rhodes, Greece
A Greek artist working on a ceramic piece
Dad & Mom on the island of Rhodes, Greece

Photo of the Day: Roman Architecture

Now that they have returned safely, I can finally say that my parents have been on a Mediterranean cruise for the past 10 days. From the brief photos I saw at the airport last night, it looks like I definitely need to add Greece to my bucket list. The cruise started and ended in Rome – one of my favorite cities. I was there exactly two years ago … though it barely feels like two months ago. Italy is one of those countries I think I could visit over and over again.

The pantheon in Rome, Italy, taken May 2011