Photo of the Day: Before and After

These photos may not win any photography awards, but I wanted to show you the before and after pictures of our backyard. When we moved into our house in March, our backyard was a mud pit. The previous homeowners had a large dog, and everyone told us we wouldn’t get grass to grow under the shady spots. After a few hard-working days breaking up the ground, laying seed, watching it wash away in a storm, re-breaking up the ground and laying seed, laying straw, and watering, we’re pretty happy with the end result. Next we need to tackle a few bare spots and the random crab grass and weeds. Any suggestions?



Photo of the Day: Pretty Little Weed

Now that we’ve had a few warm days and some nice rain, we’ve been doing a lot of yard work at our new house. We really have no idea what we’re doing, but we’ve attempted to lay some grass seed and keep moist. It should germinate in the next few days. We’ve also been clearing out the flower beds, raking, mowing, weed eating, and many other things that seem to keep us busy. (Coming from an apartment, we’re keeping Lowe’s in business!) While outside I ran into these random flowers. They are kind of pretty, but they seem to have spread throughout our yard, so I’m not sure if they’re weeds.

Coming up soon…a home tour! (Many bloggers may not care to see the inside of our home, but some of our friends who know personally us have been asking to see pics.)

A little flowering plant in our front yard. According to Google it’s a grape hyacinth. There’s, well, a lot of them.