Playing with Friends

We had some friends and their 4-month-old over last weekend. Lil’ Miss K gets a little jealous when I hold him (ok, a lot jealous), but she started opening up to the idea of him when she got to play with his “fan toy” with him.

She’s even better at playing with her stuffed animal “friends” – she set up a whole indoor picnic for them the next day! It was nice to have a weekend not packed with plans – time to play at home and enjoy our girl.





Photo(s) of the Day: BFFs

This weekend we were thrilled to have good friends from Colorado stay with us. The best part … they have a son (whom I’ve nicknamed Lil’ W) just two days older than Baby K! Is it destiny? We’ll see in about three decades – the daddies have agreed they can start dating when they’re 30. I guess they haven’t noticed Lil’ W is already making a move on Baby K!

Lil’ W and Baby K tuckered out from a wedding
A little friendly tummy time competition (Lil’ W won)
Early morning cuddles
Daddy, you better look the other way!

Day 356: Loving Leah

I took the day off yesterday to meet up with some good friends that I don’t get to see very often. Of course, 8-month-old Leah was the star of the show, as it should be! This little girl is already pulling herself up and walking around holding on to things. I predict her to be a child prodigy in a few years.

Aunt Lindsey and Little Leah.