Photo(s) of the Day: I Should’ve Been A Dolphin

I’ve always been a fan of marine life. If I didn’t grow up in the most land-locked state in the United States, I would have been a marine biologist. Last week we got to experience Georgia Aquarium, and we even had the rare opportunity to scuba dive with whale sharks, manta rays, grouper, and other fish. A little known fact: whale sharks are the world’s largest fish. They’re known as “gentle giants” because even though they are sharks, they eat krill just like whales. Here are a few photos from our day at the aquarium.

Do you have a favorite photo below?

This tank was 6.3 million gallons – making it the largest aquarium in the world.
Despite their 15-foot wingspan, these manta rays were very people-friendly. When we dove with them, they swooped down inches above us to get a taste of our air bubbles.
This cute sea otter was part of the Cold Water Quest exhibit at Georgia Aquarium.
These bright fish originate from lakes in Africa. I used to have a small fish tank with little blue tetras just like the blue specs in this photo.
Jellyfish may be dangerous, but I find them to be beautiful. As long as I’m not swimming with them, of course.
Another dangerous beauty.

Photo of the Day: Under the Sea

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! After an incredibly busy couple of weeks, I’m back to blogging. Three days after we moved in to our new house, my husband and I took a road trip. Can you guess where we went by the photo below?

We got to have an up close and personal encounter with these “gentle giants” a few days ago. I’ll explain more in the next post. Do you know what these magnificent creatures are?

Project 52 Week 16: Bringing the Ocean to Missouri

I was beyond excited when the SEALife Aquarium opened in Kansas City just a few weeks ago. Considering I live in almost the most landlocked city in the United States, this was a big deal. So visiting it this weekend was a great way to celebrate my birthday with family. (A friend of mine just took her one-year-old daughter to the aquarium for her birthday, too. I wonder what having the same birthday party as a one-year-old says about me?) I had a great time taking photos, but as usual, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. Do you have a favorite?

A giant sting ray swims amongst many other sea creatures in SEALife Aquarium's biggest tank.
My sister and nephew are silhouetted against a glass tank.
My favorite fish in the entire aquarium was this little Picasso Triggerfish. (Or in Hawaiian, it's called the humuhumunukunukuapuaa fish.)