Photo(s) of the Day: Flying With Daddy

These photos were taken on Father’s Day; I’m just a bit behind posting them.

Baby K loves to fly with Daddy
Looking pretty proud of herself

Project 52 Week 24: Eighty-eight and Going Strong

My grandma may have blown out her 16 birthday candles one-by-one (one candle for each 5.5 years of life), but at least she had the breath to blow them out. I love that she still loves getting attention on her birthday.

Grandma celebrates her 88th birthday by blowing out her candles. She’s my last grandparent, which makes her birthdays even more special to me.

Day 169-170: Weekend of Celebrations

We had a great time hanging out with friends and family this weekend. On Saturday Jerod & I attended his company picnic, where we were thoroughly entertained by a game of pinata. Later than afternoon his parents came to stay with us, and on Sunday we got to celebrate Father’s Day with both of our dads together for the first time. We also had a viewing of our Italy photos, complete with lasagna, bruschetta, salad, tiramisu, and Bellini’s.

Luna was the fieriest pinata player I've ever seen!
Celebrating Father's Day with Stub & Deano.