Photo of the Day: Funner than Fun Triathlon

My nephew came to visit for a couple of days, and we spent quite a few hours making up this really cool board game called the “Funner than Fun Triathlon.” It consists of trivia cards, exercise cards, and carnival games. Pretty creative, if you ask me.


Photo of the Day: Child’s Pose

For the last few weeks as I’ve been doing yoga more regularly, I’ve noticed the narrow focus your eyes have when you’re in child’s pose and look down toward your feet. Because you’re looking at something so close, very little is in focus. Depth of field in photography works much the same way, so I attempted to capture it with my camera. How did I do? Does what I’m saying even make sense? Am I weird for comparing yoga to photography?

Self-portrait of child’s pose during yoga

Day 59: Climbing to new heights

The local Y is having a Mt. Everest challenge from February to mid-March. Different types of exercise are worth so many feet, and the goal is to “climb” to the summit. For example, 30 minutes of running is the equivalent of climbing 1000 feet. My personal goal was to reach the top within a month, and yesterday I made it! I’m flag number nine, and it looks like I’m about the tenth person to finish. I love reaching goals! I think I even get a free Y towel.

1/60 sec., F4.5, ISO 400
18-55 mm lens (21 mm and 45 mm), no flash fired