Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Yesterday my office hosted its annual Bring Your Dog to Work Day in support of the American Cancer Society Bark For Life event. The day began with a doggie meet-and-greet, and the dogs hung out around the office throughout the day. We wrapped up the afternoon with an ice cream social, complete with ice cream doggie treats! I didn’t have a pup to bring to the event, but I did get to doggie-sit while one coworker was on a call. It definitely made for a lively day at the office!

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Photo of the Day: Gentle Giant

I’m not a ‘large dog’ person, but I have to admit that the Great Pyrenees is a beautiful creature. You can tell how big this one is by comparing the size of my husband’s hands to her head. This one is only 9 months old…not even full-grown yet.

A beautiful Great Pyrenees pup