Photo of the Day: Fifteen Months Old

Lil’ Miss K turned fifteen months old yesterday! I think she’s grown a lot since last month – what do you think? She doesn’t stand still nearly as well now, and she was talking and shaking her arms in the second photo. 🙂 I’m glad I continued these photos past one year since she still seems to be changing so quickly.

IMG_5829 copy

IMG_5816 copy


Photo of the Day: Birthdays Change

Birthdays change as you age. My dad’s low-key birthday celebration on Thursday was proof of that. We met at a casual restaurant, and my mom baked him cookies instead of a cake. Since candles don’t really stick in cookies, he just held the 6 and the 4 while we very quietly and quickly sang happy birthday, so as to not disturb other patrons.

Happy birthday, Dad!

Day 169-170: Weekend of Celebrations

We had a great time hanging out with friends and family this weekend. On Saturday Jerod & I attended his company picnic, where we were thoroughly entertained by a game of pinata. Later than afternoon his parents came to stay with us, and on Sunday we got to celebrate Father’s Day with both of our dads together for the first time. We also had a viewing of our Italy photos, complete with lasagna, bruschetta, salad, tiramisu, and Bellini’s.

Luna was the fieriest pinata player I've ever seen!
Celebrating Father's Day with Stub & Deano.