Photo of the Day: Cuatro de Mayo

I took this photo at a barn party Saturday night. Since Cinco de Mayo fell on a Sunday this year, why not celebrate Cuatro de Mayo instead?

Dancing the night away
Abstract country music dancing

Project 52 Week 42: Self-Portrait, 3 years & counting

Last week was so busy, from a Fountain City Brass Band concert, to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, to my wedding anniversary. I haven’t had time to sort through many photos yet, so I’m posting a photo from our quick anniversary self-portrait photo session. We try to take photos every year on our anniversary, so we’ll be able to go back and see how we’ve changed from year-to-year. I don’t think we’ve changed too much yet. 🙂 These will serve as our Christmas photos, too.

By the way, don’t forget that Wednesday is the last day to book your holiday portraits!

My husband and I celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary outside Weston, MO.

Project 52 Week 31: We party with balloons in the Midwest

This weekend my husband and I went to the Great Midwest Balloon Fest with our families. I went to the balloon fest a couple of years ago, but it’s gotten huge with 50+ competing hot air balloons, many thousands of attendees, and a Clay Walker concert. it’s no big surprise I couldn’t pick a favorite photo. Can you?

Three paratroopers dropped from the sky at the beginning of the festival – this one carrying the American flag.
We had a great spot to see the hot air balloons taking off right above us.
All the balloons lit up at dusk for a balloon glow. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite dark yet.
Clay Walker put on a great concert! I knew way more songs than I thought I would.
The crowd went crazy for Clay Walker’s interactive concert with streamers, confetti, beach balls, and flying guitar picks.





Project 52 Week 26: Country Lovin’

Thursday evening I ventured out around sunset to capture some photos. I was feeling down on luck when a baby calf and pony weren’t in a field I’d seen them in earlier in the week, so I shot some disappointing photos of corn fields. And then … I came upon this. Perfection.

A cow grazes at sunset on a nearby Missouri farm.

Project 52 Week 8: A Change In Scenery

My husband and I spent part of the weekend visiting his family in Southeast Kansas, which is quite a change in scenery from our daily life in Kansas City. Rural life lends itself to some great photographic opportunities, so we took the 4-wheeler out to explore the pasture and watch the cows. I love how they follow you with their curious eyes.

A neighbor's cow stares me down. I wonder if she's ever seen a camera before.