Photo of the Day: A Beautiful Storm

Yesterday brought several rounds of quick, but fierce, thunderstorms through the Kansas City area. Some of my friends posted photos on facebook of some crazy-looking frontal clouds, but unfortunately I was stuck inside work without a good view. Yesterday at sunset, however, there were some storms off in the distance, causing the sky to have a really unique, gorgeous hue.

Photo of the Day: Skylight

I took this photo Monday evening as the sun began to set. It isn’t your typical sunset photo, but I loved the spotty clouds drifting across the sky.

Days are finally feeling longer; I get to enjoy a bit of sunlight as I head home.

Day 178: Rain, rain, go away

Yesterday morning started out with strong thunderstorms and eery-looking clouds, then the sun shone for just a bit, but then back to more clouds. I’m sure all this rain isn’t helping the nearby floods.

Eery clouds over downtown Kansas City.

Day 172: Ominous weather

Yesterday may have been the first day of summer, but it wasn’t your typical sunny, warm day. We’ve had storms off and on for the last several days.

Ominous-looking clouds just north of downtown Kansas City