Day 354: O Christmas Tree

I’m one of “those people.” I believe that you don’t need all white lights and red ornaments to have a pretty Christmas tree. I love our “fat little tree,” as my  husband calls it, with all its colorful lights and mismatched ornaments. For those of you who don’t like colored lights, I’ve also included a black and white image.

Our bright, colorful, and "real" Christmas tree.

Christmas tree photos can look gorgeous in black and white, too. There's much more to it than bright lights; look at all the texture and contrast.

Days 343 & 345: Light Show

One of the best things about the holiday season is the Christmas lights. Friday evening we drove around Kansas City to look at outdoor Christmas lights. My favorite light display is at Crown Center, with the giant Christmas tree and lot of smaller trees covered in white lights and surrounded by water fountains.

Finally on Sunday  Jerod and I had time to go get a Christmas tree and decorate it. The best part was turning off the overhead lights, eating cookies, and drinking eggnog as we admired our tree.

The Crown Center holiday light display in Kansas City, Mo.


An abstract photo of our Christmas tree.