Photo(s) of the Day: It Runs in the Family

This weekend during a family get-together, I let my eleven-year-old nephew experiment with my camera. He asked a great question about making part of the photo blurry, so I did my best to explain depth of field to him. He took all of these photos below – on manual mode. I think he truly has an eye for photography!







Day 365: A New Year’s Resolution

We spent New Year’s Eve at a house filled with friends. I love hanging out with my friend Mandy, especially when she has her camera out and I’m not the only photographer saying, “Wait, that’s too dark. Let’s try again.”

Three hundred and sixty-five days ago I made a resolution to take a good photo every single day for an entire year. The “good” part is subjective, and some photos were definitely better than others, but I never skipped a day.  I’m happy to present to you the final photo of my 365 Day Photography Project.

I love taking photos of people taking photos. This is my good friend Mandy on New Year's Eve.

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Day 80: Upgrade!

This weekend I got my new Canon EOS 60d camera, and I absolutely love it! For those of you who wonder why I needed a new camera, I’m going to take some comparison shots with both cameras later this week. (Not to mention some camera phones now have more megapixels than my old DSLR did.) Here’s my new beauty!

Shot with Pentax K100d
1/10 sec., f/4.5, ISO 400
18-55 mm lens (40 mm), ambient light