Day 334: Bokeh Holiday Lights

Now that it’s December, I can officially start shooting holiday photos. I love my 50 mm f/1.8 lens. I’ve been waiting for Christmas for eight months to take photos like this.

Our small strand of Christmas lights on our apartment balcony. One day we'll have many more!

Day 83: Bokeh

My second comparison between my old Pentax and my new Canon is bokeh, or the aesthetic blur of the background. Not only does my new camera do a much better job of blurring out distracting backgrounds, but look how much closer and bigger the fountain looks in the second image! My model Jerod (who’s a great sport) was positioned in the same spot for both photos.

Pentax K100d
1/60 sec., f/5.6, ISO 400
18-55 mm lens (38 mm), natural light

Canon 60d
1/30 sec., f/5.6, ISO 200
18-200 mm lens (200 mm), natural light