Photo of the Day: Birthday Girl

My sweet Lil’ Miss K is three today! Where has the time gone? She’s quickly turning into a smart, independent, “threenager.” Her favorite food is mac ‘n cheese, her favorite color is orange, her favorite letter is O … she hasn’t wavered from these favs for almost a year. She’s obsessed with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and can reenact an episode after watching it only once or twice. She loves singing and putting on goofy dances shows, and her favorite toy is her imagination. She’s pretty good at throwing a ball, too. I can have adult conversations with her, but I quickly remember she’s still a toddler when she starts to have a meltdown. We love this opinionated girl to pieces!

Check out how she’s changed since her last photo four months ago.

See how tall she’s gotten since last year!




Happy birthday, Grandma!

Today is my grandma’s 92nd birthday! She lives on the other side of the state, but luckily we had time to make the long round-trip drive yesterday to wish her a happy birthday. I’m glad she did – she was all smiles!

IMG_7370 copy

IMG_7378 copy

Hello Kitty Toddler Birthday

Since Lil’ Miss K loves kitties and doesn’t watch cartoons, I chose Hello Kitty for her birthday theme. We kept it pretty simple this year with immediate family, simple decorations, and an easy (but cute!) cake. Her favorite gift was a baby stroller to push her babies in, but my favorite was her new Strider bike!

IMG_3400 copy

IMG_3413 copy

IMG_3445 copy

IMG_3479 copy

IMG_3515 copy

Minecraft/Stampy Cat Birthday Party

My nephew turned seven (wait, he’s twelve? where did the time go?) a couple of weeks ago, so he came up with his own Minecraft/Stampy Cat theme. I’m not sure what all of it means, but I could tell he put a lot of thought and creativity into it! We tried to take a couple of photos with Lil’ Miss K while we were together as a family, which worked out great for my sister and nephew, but not so great for her daddy and me! See what I mean below. 🙂

IMG_8522 copy

IMG_8524 copy

IMG_8527 copy

IMG_8517 copy

IMG_8497 copy

IMG_8503 copy

IMG_8505 copy

IMG_8507 copy