Day 295: They grow up too fast

One of my closest friends lives across the country,  but I’m lucky that she travels back home frequently. Even when I see her every couple of months, her baby girl looks so different each time. Here are photo #1 and photo #2 from earlier this year.

Six-month-old baby Leah hanging out at my place Friday evening.

Days 260-262: Birthdays X’s Three

Big surprise … we were on the go this weekend again. Friday evening we stopped by a tattoo parlor to get a price quote, because my husband and his brother are getting tattoos for their birthdays here in a few weeks. Saturday we drove down to Joplin, Mo. to see Jerod’s friend’s new baby girl, Tynlie, who was born that morning. After a short visit, we went to a bonfire at a family friend’s house in Southeast Kansas. Sunday we celebrated Jerod and Jacob’s birthdays with the family. (Did you know Jerod is a twin?)  As usual, we were thoroughly entertained by his niece and nephew. After a long weekend we finally made it home by 10 p.m. Sunday evening, just in time for bed.

Artistic graffiti covers the outside of Freak's Tattoo parlor in North Kansas City.
Baby Tynlie, just a few hours after being born. They say she has her dad's ears.
Beth and Caleb, our niece and nephew, have a blast spinning in a computer chair. Kids are so easily entertained.