Portrait Session | Anniversary Photos – Wedding Dress and All

This is the first couple I took “professional” photos for – engagement photos over a decade ago. Now, ten years later, I have the honor of shooting their anniversary photos – with Lauren in her beautiful wedding dress (it still fits!), and their three children. I love the idea of re-creating wedding photos to show what has changed, and what hasn’t, over the last decade. I may even steal the idea myself next year. 😉 Congratulations to Lauren and Justin on their 10-year anniversary, and thank you for your continued faith in me to capture your beautiful family!

IMG_0931 copy

IMG_0957 copy

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Portrait Session | Silver Anniversary

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take photos for this couple’s 25th wedding anniversary! We’ve been family friends for years – in fact, Tom was the one who came to the rescue and gave us a ride on our wedding day when our Bentley broke down. They are the type of people you know will do anything for you, so I felt honored to help them commemorate their big day!

Howe_06 copy

Howe_10 copy

Howe_11 copy

Howe_04 copy

Has it really been five years?

Today is our five-year wedding anniversary. Has it really been that long? I remember every detail of the day so vividly, it feels like yesterday.

10-24_rhodes_davison_316 copy
We looked so young.
10-24_rhodes_davison_588 copy
The weather was absolutely perfect.
10-24_rhodes_davison_617 copy
I still blame the hubby for the Bentley breaking down … maybe in another 20 years he’ll blame me. 🙂
10-24_rhodes_davison_658 copy
Here’s a toast to many more years together.
I hope we can still dance like this at our 50-year wedding anniversary. Wait, who am I kidding? We can’t dance like that now.

We’ve been through many life experiences – going back to school, job changes, buying a car and home, vacations, and of course most importantly – a beautiful baby girl. Happy anniversary hubby! Five years is just the beginning.

These photos were all taken by Parigo Studios. We were so happy to have them as our photographers. I only added my watermark because I don’t want anyone stealing the photos.

Project 52 Week 42: Self-Portrait, 3 years & counting

Last week was so busy, from a Fountain City Brass Band concert, to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, to my wedding anniversary. I haven’t had time to sort through many photos yet, so I’m posting a photo from our quick anniversary self-portrait photo session. We try to take photos every year on our anniversary, so we’ll be able to go back and see how we’ve changed from year-to-year. I don’t think we’ve changed too much yet. 🙂 These will serve as our Christmas photos, too.

By the way, don’t forget that Wednesday is the last day to book your holiday portraits!

My husband and I celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary outside Weston, MO.

Days 296-298: Celebrating the best day ever

Yesterday Jerod and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We also celebrated a little on Sunday … and on Saturday … but there’s no shame in celebrating the happiest day of your life! On Saturday we went to the Steamboat Arabia museum, the Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant, and the Kansas City ballet. The highlight was the ballet at the beautiful new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. It’s an architectural masterpiece. On Sunday we did lots of packing and took a little time out to reminisce over our wedding photos. And yesterday after work, we went out to eat and to a movie. We also received a great surprise gift from my parents. I think celebrating anniversaries is even more fun than celebrating birthdays, because you get to share the joy with someone you love.

Looking through the glass walls at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.
Looking through the glass walls at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts before the performance of Tom Sawyer.
We plan to look at our wedding photos and video every year on our anniversary. I can never stop smiling as we reminisce.
An Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet given to us on our second anniversary.
My parents gave us this beautiful and tasty Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet for our anniversary.
BONUS PHOTO: I can't have an anniversary blog post without including a photo of us. We took this shot in one of the same places we did our engagement photos.