Animals of Fort Worth

Last month we traveled to Ft. Worth to visit some of our best friends. Our oldest kids are only two days apart in age! It was my kind of trip (I love animals) – we visited both Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and the Ft. Worth Zoo. It was so nice to be able to wear short sleeves – something we still can’t do back in Kansas! Here are a few of my favorite photos.

IMG_8332 copy

IMG_8351 copy
At Fossil Rim, you are on private land with a speed limit of 10 mph, so it’s fun to be out of your seats where you can feed the animals.

IMG_8363 copy

IMG_8401 copy

IMG_8361 copy

IMG_8416 copy

IMG_8435 copy
Check out the seal behind the kids!

IMG_8438 copy

IMG_8447 copy

IMG_8505 copy
We had a very grumpy 4-year-old by the end of the day, but overall we had so much fun!



Day 283: Puppy Dog Eyes

I have a deep love for animals, but I’ve never been a huge fan of large dogs. At least I never thought I’d want one for myself … until I met Dexter. He is just the sweetest, most playful dog! He will lick you and cuddle with you just like a cat, but he never holds a grudge. If you spoil a dog, it thinks you’re queen. If you spoil a cat, it thinks it’s queen.

Mandy & David's sweet dog Dexter.