Photo of the Day: Downtown and a Plane

I snapped a few photos earlier this week of the Kansas City skyline from the downtown airport. This is one of my favorites, because a plane was taking off at just the right moment.

The Kansas City skyline

Day 325: Seven Days of Thankfulness (Day 1)

Day 1: I am thankful for my parents. Yesterday they returned from a three-week China tour. Aside from two very brief conversations, I had no contact with them, which that was more difficult than I expected. It made me realize how grateful I am for their honesty, advice, help, and unconditional love. I’m so lucky to have two great parents, and I’m very grateful they made it home safely.

As Mom and I were catching up, Dad was busily collecting luggage after their return from China.

Day 150: Home, Sweet Home

After temporarily losing my wedding ring, Jerod’s passport, our luggage, and our insanity – we’re back from our trip to Italy! Besides those emotional incidents, we had a wonderful time. Italy is such a beautiful country! I will post photos in a few days. In the meantime, I have to brag about how great my family is. Our flight home from Chicago was cancelled, so instead of getting in at 7:30 p.m., we arrived at midnight. My parents, sister, and nephew were all patiently waiting for us at the terminal. Best of all – they had done a thorough search at our apartment and found my wedding ring! (My cat had taken off with it and apparently dropped it under a bed the day we left.) They also went grocery shopping and bought us some essentials – including FRUIT! Fruit was in short supply in Italy, and I was craving it by the time I returned home.

Canon 60d, 1/40 sec., f/1.8, ISO 800, 50 mm lens, ambient light