Photo of the Day: Abstract Fireworks #2

This is an image of fireworks taken through the lens of 3D fireworks glasses. I didn’t get much time to experiment – the glasses were very popular with the little ones – so they didn’t want to share very long! The effect was pretty neat though.


Photo of the Day: Abstract Fireworks #1

At our family fireworks display a few days ago, I wasn’t able to set up the tripod and get typical fireworks photos, because we were so close that I would’ve had to point the camera straight up into the sky. Even if I could’ve done this, the photos wouldn’t have been anything special with no foreground. So I opted to try something different with this shot. I used the “zoom effect” by holding my camera and zooming during a long shutter speed. What do you think?

Photo of the Day: Our Personal Fireworks Display

Fourth of July is the holiday of the year for my in-laws. I won’t even tell you how much they spend on fireworks. We always have a great time hanging out with family, eating too much, watching the kids shoot off small fireworks, and finishing the day with our own personal fireworks display. Here you can see four of the guys (my husband included) stepping back to watch a huge fountain they set off.

Project 52 Week 25: An expensive weekend

This weekend we traveled to my in-laws’ to celebrate the 4th of July a little early. Holidays are ranked as follows in this family: #5: Birthdays. #4: Easter. #3: Thanksgiving. #2: Christmas. #1: 4th of July. In fact, we had our very own $600 fireworks display. My father-in-law says, “This is a man’s holiday. We get to drink beer, eat, and blow stuff up.” I hate to burst his bubble, but this female really likes the holiday too.

Since I was in the driver’s seat on the way to my in-laws’ Friday evening, I pulled over to snap a few photos of the sunset.
Another shot of a beautiful sunset in Southeast Kansas. The sun looked bigger than I’d ever seen before!
Nephew Caleb, very serious about shooting his bubble gun.
Niece Beth, acting a bit embarrassed about having her photo taken, but secretly loving it.
Fireworks from our family display Saturday night.


Days 182-185: Four Photos for the Fourth

We had a very busy 4th of July weekend, from Theatre in the Park in Shawnee, to a family celebration in Cherryvale, to hanging out in Louisburg, to the Corporate Woods fireworks display in Overland Park. There were plenty of great photo ops over the last several days. And…I’ve passed the halfway point for my 365 Day Photography Project!

Students perform Les Miserables at Theatre in the Park. It may have been a student production, but you couldn't tell by the amazing singing & acting.
Students perform Les Miserables at Theatre in the Park. It may have been a student production, but you couldn't tell by the amazing singing & acting.
Our niece Beth plays with fireworks at our family 4th of July celebration on Saturday.
Fireworks display at Lake Miola in Paola, Kansas.
Fireworks shoot past the crescent moon at the Corporate Woods 4th of July Celebration on Monday.