Photos of the Day: Blackberry Picking

So these photos might be from July…and I might have just got around to editing them…but they were too cute not to share. Lil’ Miss K with Grandma and Grandpa in the blackberry patch!






First Birthday – West Bottoms

I loved photographing Eli and his family in the West Bottoms this past weekend. It seems like his parents were just bringing him home, but he already celebrated his first birthday. He’s the happiest, smiley-est (yes, I said smiley-est) baby in town! He and his fun parents made my job easy. What a cutie!

IMG_7132 copy

IMG_7160 copy

IMG_7238 copy

IMG_7259 copy

IMG_7308 copy

Photo of the Day: 2.33 years old

After posting photos of Lil’ Miss K monthly for the first two years of her life, I decided to switch to recording once every three months. But then I forgot…so now we’re doing once every four months. My, how she’s changed since her second birthday!

Speaking of change, I’ve been a little MIA lately. Between a vacation to Peru, a new job, several portrait sessions, and preparing for Relay For Life, I’ve been busy – to say the least! And each one of those deserves it’s own blog post. Stay tuned!

IMG_7056 copy

IMG_7068 copy

IMG_7106 copy

Hello Kitty Toddler Birthday

Since Lil’ Miss K loves kitties and doesn’t watch cartoons, I chose Hello Kitty for her birthday theme. We kept it pretty simple this year with immediate family, simple decorations, and an easy (but cute!) cake. Her favorite gift was a baby stroller to push her babies in, but my favorite was her new Strider bike!

IMG_3400 copy

IMG_3413 copy

IMG_3445 copy

IMG_3479 copy

IMG_3515 copy

I’m back!

Hey, there! It’s been a while. My family has been going through a lot of life changes – so many that I haven’t had a second to work on photos. Tonight, I decided to take a little break to edit photos from over a month ago, before Lil’ Miss K even turned two. Next, I’ll actually edit her birthday photos and post those. I’ve missed this little blog…I’ve definitely missed my photography.

These were taken in the West Bottoms in an attempt to get some two-year-old shots. Unfortunately Lil’ Miss K was in a clingy mood and a bit afraid of the bridge, so things didn’t go as planned. But we still managed to get a few keepers!

IMG_3352 copy

IMG_3359 copy

IMG_3360 copy

IMG_3365 copy

IMG_3376 copy

Photo of the Day: Twenty-two months old

Sticking with tradition, Lil’ Miss K turned twenty-two months old a week ago, but I just now got around to taking her monthly photo. (Had to get a true comparison, right?) Has she changed since last month? It’s hard for me to tell. I think maybe her hair has grown a little. I can hardly believe she’ll be two in February. At that point I’ll switch to quarterly photos.

IMG_2453 copy

IMG_2449 copy