Day 363: One Fine Day

This year may have rang in with a very harsh winter, but it’s finishing out with surprisingly mild weather. Yesterday was another 50 degree day, so I went on my own personal photo walk over lunch. Like most photographers, I try to avoid shooting during the harsh midday light, but I came back with several photos I was happy with. This one was my favorite, because I haven’t posted anything quite like this before.

If you look closely at something as ordinary as an old building, you can find beauty. I love the textures of the bricks, vines, and door.

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Day 348: A Different Kind of Light

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of Christmas lights lately, so I decided to shoot a different kind of light. Since yesterday brought unseasonably warm temperatures, it was the perfect opportunity to set up the tripod and photograph lights at night. These neon signs light up the front of the Quaff Bar & Grill in downtown Kansas City.

The Quaff Bar & Grill, located on Broadway in downtown Kansas City, is always lit up with its bright neon signs.

Day 328: Seven Days of Thankfulness (Day 4)

In addition to my family and my job, I’m thankful for where I live. I love Kansas City – it’s not too big, not too small; most of my friends and family live nearby; and we have some great holiday traditions. The Country Club Plaza Lighting Ceremony tradition began 81 years ago. Believe it or not, this was the first year I’ve seen it.  And with such warm weather, it had to be one of the best years!

Fireworks light up the sky at the Plaza Lighting Ceremony in Kansas City.

Days 126-128: Cupcakes and Moms

We were excited to attend Food Truck Friday, but when we arrived at 6:30, the lines snaked all around the lot. Most vendors had already crossed the majority of the food off the list, so we decided to get in line for 3 Girls Cupcakes and get our dinner somewhere else. We finally made it to the front of the line – with only 3 cupcakes left in vanilla, vanilla – and about 100 people in line behind us. It was a fun experience, but I’m not sure it was worth 40 minutes in line and the $3 spent for a plain vanilla cupcake. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out in Southeast Kansas with Jerod’s family, then we met my family for lunch on Sunday for Mother’s Day.

Food Truck Friday was definitely a success!
Our niece Beth and nephew Caleb playing outside.
The moon shone bright in Southeast KS late Saturday night.

Day 76: Large Books, Small Goals

Posting a St. Patty’s Day photo would be cliché, wouldn’t it? Actually between you and me, I didn’t do much for St. Patrick’s Day. When my best friend (a.k.a. the hubby) works a lot of overtime and has tons of homework for his Master’s classes, it puts a damper on our party life. Ok … vent over.

If you haven’t seen it, this is the front of the downtown Kansas City Library parking garage. Have you read any of these books? I’ve read two of them, thanks to my goal of reading the top 10 American classic novels. I just finished  the last one on my list – Farewell to Arms – and returned it yesterday. Another goal completed!

1/180 sec., F8.0, ISO 200

18-55 mm lens (18 mm), no flash fired