Days 154-156: Wet ‘n Wild Weekend

Ok, ok. It may have been more wet than wild. And it may not be summer yet, but it definitely feels like it with the 90 degree temps.

Friday night we went to a Royals game and watched my Alma mater band play the Star Spangled Banner. We enjoyed the $1 peanuts and hotdogs, free fireworks display, and this lighted fountain. Actually, I think we enjoyed all of that more than watching the Royals lose.
On Saturday we walked around at the Zona Rosa shopping center for a while, but like the kid slashing in the fountain, we found it too hot to stay outside very long.
Sunday afternoon we beat the heat by going to the pool. Everyone else had the same idea too, but they were obviously having a good time.

Day 83: Bokeh

My second comparison between my old Pentax and my new Canon is bokeh, or the aesthetic blur of the background. Not only does my new camera do a much better job of blurring out distracting backgrounds, but look how much closer and bigger the fountain looks in the second image! My model Jerod (who’s a great sport) was positioned in the same spot for both photos.

Pentax K100d
1/60 sec., f/5.6, ISO 400
18-55 mm lens (38 mm), natural light

Canon 60d
1/30 sec., f/5.6, ISO 200
18-200 mm lens (200 mm), natural light